Forms and Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain permission to use or close a County road?

Fill out an application for a special event permit. A special event is defined as any event which cannot be held on a county road, street or other right-of-way and, at the same time, comply with applicable traffic statutes or ordinances. Special events include, but are not limited to, parades, fairs, exhibitions, motion picture filming, bicycle events, foot races or walks, and block parties. Special events do not include events taking place away from a road which, due to the number of persons in attendance, create traffic congestion on a road before or after the event.

How do I obtain permission to work within the County’s right-of-way?

Fill out an application to work within the right-of-way. The purpose of this application and permit is for the applicant/permittee to provide proof of financial resources sufficient to provide for the restoration and repair of the affected public right-of-way. In processing the application and in granting the permit, El Paso County does not warrant or represent that the property in question is a public right-of-way. It shall be the applicant’s/permittee’s sole and exclusive responsibility to acquire any and all property and/or contractual rights to perform work in any property that is not a public right-of-way. El Paso County is not responsible or liable for any entry into or use of property that is not a public right-of-way.

What is El Paso County’s permit fee structure for work in the right-of-way areas?

View or download the fee structure. For more information, please refer to Chapter Five in the El Paso County
El Paso County Engineering Criteria Manual
(ECM) for additional “Work in the Right-of-Way” permit information.