El Paso County, CO, Tuesday, September 22, 2020 – Beginning Friday morning, El Paso County Department of Public Works will start the Hanover Road Paving Project. They have contracted with Martin Marietta Materials for the 2020 Asphalt Paving Contract.

The contractor will begin road reconstruction and paving operations on Hanover Road from Meridian Rd east for four miles. Hanover Road between S Meridian Road and S Peyton Highway will be closed from September 25th through November 4th.

Drivers and Motorists:
• Will need to take alternate routes during construction
• Access will only be provided to residents adjacent to the work
• Plan for added travel time through this area

Safety Reminders:
• Reduce speeds in work zone
• Watch for workers, equipment, signs and barricades
• Always expect the unexpected

Road closures will accelerate the safe and efficient completion of this project.

For a list of all other road construction and maintenance projects in El Paso County, please visit
https://publicworks.elpasoco.com/road-bridge/construction-maintenance-projects/ .

Funding is provided through the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.

Vicinity map has been attached with the detour outlined.
For more information and questions:
Website: www.elpasoco.com
Email: dotweb@elpasoco.com