July 12, 2022 – El Paso County is pleased to announce the release of its draft El Paso County Road Safety Plan. The El Paso County Department of Public Works, along with County partners, stakeholders, residents, and the County’s Road Safety Plan consultant, worked together to develop this plan to help make roads safer and reduce deaths and serious injuries on county roads.

As part of this effort, El Paso County conducted a detailed analysis of current safety and crash trends in the region and identified priority roadway types for safety improvements, education, and enforcement priorities. The El Paso County Road Safety Plan will serve as a guide for the county and partner agencies in implementing recommendations based on an innovative data-driven approach to traffic safety.

The draft El Paso County Road Safety Plan is online for public review from July 12 through August 12, 2022. El Paso County encourages the public, especially El Paso County residents, to review the Road Safety Plan and provide public comment by emailing DOTSafetyPlan@elpasoco.com.

After the public comment closes on August 12, 2022, the plan will be updated and presented to both the Highway Advisory Commission and the Board of County Commissioners before it is reviewed and voted on. The plan is expected to be finalized by November 2022.

For more information about the El Paso County Road Safety Plan project, please visit the comprehensive El Paso County Road Safety Website. The website also includes the Literature Review, Road Safety Audits and Best Practice Toolkit.