snow plow

Snow Plowing

Snow plowEl Paso County Department of Public Works strives to provide for the efficient flow of traffic within the County during periods of inclement winter weather. The Highway Section coordinates with the Fleet Management Section which maintains a fleet of snow plowing equipment to include trucks with plows and sanders, motor graders, front-end loaders, snow blowers, and track-type dozers.

Operators and equipment are responsible for assigned routes in El Paso County during storms. If the storms are regional and not County-wide, equipment and operators in those areas where no snow plowing or ice control operations are required, will move into those areas where such operations are required. Priorities have been established on roads and streets within the jurisdiction of the El Paso County Department of Public Works. The main priority will be to provide plowed roads for emergency vehicles to respond to emergencies involving human life and safety.

Priority One Roads are defined as all paved roads that are identified on the El Paso County Major Transportation Corridor map as major arterials and such other road sections as defined by the Director of the Department of Transportation. There are 183 unique named Priority One roads totaling 870 miles.

Priority Two Roads are defined as roads that collect traffic from subdivision roads and allow traffic circulation within residential areas while providing channels to the major arterial system. There are 824 uniquely named Priority Two roads totaling 775 miles.

Priority Three Roads are roads that are residential in nature. These roads will be plowed when time, available funds, and equipment permit. There are 1,461 uniquely named Priority Three roads totaling 325 miles.

(Because there are so many Priority Three roads, and because they often include only certain sections of road, it is not possible to list those road names at this time. However, if your road is not on the list of Priority One or Two, then it is a Priority Three road.)

While we understand the frustration that comes when a road is not plowed quickly, please be assured that our crews work in shifts around the clock to try to clear as many roads as possible, as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.