The Committee was created by the El Paso County Planning and Community Development Department and the Department of Public Works to provide recommendations to the Commissioners on the implementation of the unincorporated county-wide road impact fee program, in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.


Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month from 1:30-3:00 p.m. via Teams Meeting. Contact VictoriaChavez@elpasoco.com if you would like to attend the meeting.

Members and Length of Terms:

The Advisory Committee consists of nine members. Membership is comprised of the following groups: three members of the development community, three county staff members, one representative of the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association, and two citizens-at-large. Terms are for three years and are limited to two full consecutive terms.

  • Randle Case – Term expires December 31, 2024
  • Steve Hicks – Term expires December 31, 2024
  • Jeff Mark – Term expires December 31, 2024
  • Jerry Novak – Term expires December 31, 2025
  • County Engineer – Indefinite
  • Greg Roosevelt – Term expires December 31, 2024
  • CFO – Indefinite
  • Ryan Watson – Term expires December 31, 2024
  • Planning and Community Development Executive Director – Indefinite

For a copy of the Road Impact Fee Advisory Committee bylaws click here.

*For further information, please contact the Boards and Commissions Administrator at 719-520-6555.