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MS4 Regulatory Update

El Paso County Stormwater Program is updating the Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM) to incorporate new regulatory changes associated with the County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit.  The Department of Public Works is making the  draft proposed changes to the ECM available on the website to allow for stakeholder input from the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association (HBA) members most affected by the proposed changes.  Staff from the Department of Public Works will work with the HBA members during the months of March and April to finalize the proposed changes to the criteria.  Please note the documents provided below are draft, deliberative documents for discussion purposes only.  Final changes to the Engineering Criteria Manual will be presented to the El Paso County Board of Commissioners in June for final approval and adoption.

El Paso County ECM 2019 Revision(1) Draft Documents:

Chapter 1 General Provisions                          Appendix G Standard Agreements

Chapter 3 Drainage                                               Appendix H Performance Surety

Chapter 5 Permits           Appendix I Stormwater Quality Policy and Procedures

Appendix F Standard Drawings                              Appendix L DCM 1 Addendum

ECM Changes Discussion Table 2019             March 7 2019 HBA Review Agenda

Misc. Revisions                                           Appendix M EPC Digital Data Submittal

BESQCP Rev. 2019                   EPC Grading & Erosion Control Plan Submittal (1)

EPC Grading & Erosion Control Plan Submittal (2)

Erosion and Stormwater Quality Control Permit                          SWMP Checklist

UDFCD 10 T-12 Outlet Structures